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Executive Career Transition Specialist

About You

The Individual & Organisations


About you

The individual

At JL Corinthian we recognise that career change through choice or redundancy can be a stressful, life altering experience. Many people feel a sense of trepidation, disbelief, injustice and perhaps a lack of self-esteem – all natural feelings during career transition. At this time we can provide understanding and the required career support, backed with proven knowledge and skills, to assist in securing the next desired role.


…This would have been a tough experience to manage by myself without a professional, but you have guided, nurtured and nudged as necessary…
— General Manager/ COO- IT Global Company.


We support individuals who are

  •   Being made redundant or leaving through a compromise agreement

  • Looking to move to a more challenging role with additional remuneration

  • Feeling unfulfilled and wish to consider their career options

  • Requiring a more balanced quality of life and work

  • Seeking more autonomy through considering setting up their own business

  • Drawn towards Non-Executive Directors opportunities

JL Corinthian shares the knowledge and skills that have helped individuals with these circumstances to realise their objective and in many instances enjoy a more rewarding and exciting “next chapter”


About you


Should your organisation be faced with downsizing, JL Corinthian can help minimise the negative effect on those being made redundant and those who remain.

Our Career Transition Programme benefits organisations by

  • Providing on-going support for those made redundant

  • Creating confidence and aiding retention of staff

  • Enhancing an organisation’s caring reputation with present and future employees, customers and investors.